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Auckland City vs Western Springs AFC Live Scores, Analysis, Odds, Tips

Auckland City
Northern New Zealand League
Western Springs AFC
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 1.Home Win Rate (HWR), Draw Rate (DR), and Away Win Rate (AWR): the probability of the match will end up with home win, draw or away win, which is calculated by the live odds of home win, draw and away win. Formula: rate of return : Home win odds or Away win odds or Draw odds
 2.Rate of Return: measure the payout ratio of bookmakers, the higher rate of return means the more profits bettors can get. Formula: P = AxBxC/:AxB BxC AxC::P= rate of return ,A= Win odds, B = Draw odds:C= Loss odds.
 3.Kelly Criterion: It's commonly used to determine what percentage of bankroll should be used in each bet to maximize profits. If Kelly > Return, big risk, lower the stakes, vice versa.
 4.Help: Numbers in red color when Kelly over "1"; Time in red color when odds changed in latest 30 minutes; Click on the HWR, DR, AWR to sort the list by high and low order; Click on the odds can display the full odds trends.
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